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Quick Start Guide

These are our basic instructions to complete a job.

Our price list and fees are only available by request. You can request one via email by tagging the subject line "Request Price List".

Design your job using closed polygon areas. (see design hints for additional information). Acceptable formats order of preference are DXF or DWG (from programs like AutoCAD), CIF, GDSII, GBR(gerber: most people don't have access to this format) and eps* as a very last resort. (*eps files from from vector programs only with no bitmap(tif, jpeg, etc, no photoshop) data.

If able, zip or compact your job and email it along with instructions to . Be sure to include polarity requirement, orientation and shipping method – next day, 2 day, ground etc or date needed. We ship via UPS by default. We will not/can not ship any order until receipt of payment information/process and pdf proof approval is complete.

If your email does not say "For Quote Only" we will put your job in que and start it asap. After we have prepped your data, we will email you a pdf file for your visual approval of your mask. This will represent your mask for basic detail and polarity. We don't image from this file but we will not proceed until we have an ok (verify by email is best). Also, please note, at this point 90% of all the manual work is completed for your mask and is basically ready to image, any data changes other that polarity can incur an additional setup or translation fee.

Generally, if we receive your order by 10:30 AM pacific time and get your pdf approval with payment info by 12:30 PM pacific time, it will usually ship that day. However, sometimes the volume of masks can affect that days production. Once the mask is shipped, we will send a tracking number to you via email.

That's it. Easy as p